March 07 2016
Written By
Josey Orr
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How We Travel: Morgan Phillips

We sit down with our favorite adventurers and they tell us how they do it.

Name: Morgan Phillips

Location: Currently in Montana

Gig: Photographer

Instagram: @morganphillips



What’s the best travel advice you have?

Always bring a snack... Seriously. Getting hungry on the road sucks and makes everything more difficult.

What are your favorite places you’ve ever visited? Why?

Iceland, hands down. The entire country was so photogenic!

What are the best lessons you’ve learned from traveling?

If you don't bring travel snacks you're gonna get hangry.

What gear can you not travel without?

My phone…need it for Google Earth to see where I am!

What do you shoot with?

Nikon D810, 24-70 F/2.8e

Fill in the blank: I’d love to see ________ before I die





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