February 22 2016
Written By
Josey Orr
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Why You Should Cancel Your Netflix Subscription Immediately

Netflix swooped into our lives like Superman after Blockbuster was unable to adapt to change and imploded like a dying star. Netflix contains a library of documentaries, movies, and shows so vast that you couldn’t possibly watch them all in your lifetime. The streaming service even recommends what you should watch next based on your tastes. Netflix knows you better than anyone. Netflix is your best friend and your entertainment hero.

Do you know how much Netflix the average person watches?

Almost two hours per day. That’s 14 hours a week. That’s 728 hours a year. This means you, the average Netflix subscriber, spend one month of every year watching Netflix. If you’re 25 years old right now and live to be 80, you’ll have spent about 4.5 years of your life watching Netflix. Literally.

What. The. Hell.

When great people pass away we get to read their obituaries. It’s always an interesting thing to see what people write about great men and women after they’re gone and only their legacy remains. Some spend years building businesses, travel the world for years, write books, and have long lists of accomplishments and people who’s lives they’ve touched.

You know what it probably doesn’t say in their obituaries? “He was a great person, he spent 4.5 years watching Netflix at home”.

How on earth do we allow ourselves to dedicate a significant portion of our lives to something that doesn’t get us any closer to our goals?

I’m quitting Netflix and you should too.

Assuming you have the basic one screen package at $7.99 a month, that means you’d also be spending $95.88 a year. Again, assuming you’re 25 years old now and live to be 80, you’ll have spent $5,273.40 on Netflix in your lifetime.

$5,273.40 would take you to so many places!

Anyway, we know no one is actually going to cancel their Netflix subscription. We probably won't either, but it's important to recognize how much of your life you are willingly giving over to watching TV. It's so crucial to take inventory of how you spend your time and whether or not that time is being spent on things that are worthwhile.

We hope we got you thinking about all of the other things you could be seeing and doing with 4.5 years of your life!


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