February 09 2016
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Josey Orr
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17 Valentine's Gifts For Adventurers

Home and travel gifts for your favorite nomad this Valentines Day.


1. Dyer & Jenkins Cabin Candles

Not only do we donate 10% of our apothecary sales to Forest Ethics, but we also make some damn great candles. Make the inside smell like the outside with our soy wax candle collection! Available on Dyer & Jenkins $35


2. Kinfolk Table Cookbook

Kinfolk is filled with tasty recipes and other great editorial content. It’s perfect to read when you’re on the go. Available at Huckberry – $29.98


3. Travel Journal by Field Notes

Field Notes makes great notebooks. If you love to document your travel, this is your new go to journal. Available at Field Notes - $9.95


4. Miir Water Bottle

Miir makes a great water bottle for the modern traveler. If you want to keep your loved one hydrated this is the bottle for you. Available at Miir - $39.95


5. Kammok Roo

Every traveler needs to kick his or her feet up and relax now and then. If you’re favorite travel partner needs a rest, this is the gift for them. Available at Kammok - $99


6. Needle Work Socks

We can’t stress the importance of a comfy pair of socks enough. Gotta keep those feet warm! Ficouture's Needle Work Socks are a perfect pair. Available at Westerlind - $19


7. Heim Planet Cave Tent

This tent is next level and it can fit you and your travel partner at the same time. Available at Heim - $630


8. Dyer & Jenkins Tree Cap

Our best-selling Tree Cap is the perfect companion for the adventurer in your life. Made in USA. Available at Dyer & Jenkins - $48


9. The Coolest

This cooler was one of the most successful kickstarter campaigns ever. You can play music, keep your drinks cool, charge your electronics, blend stuff, and open bottles. This cooler does everything. Available on Amazon $449


 10. The Carry On Cocktail Kit

Make a bumpy ride a little bit smoother by catching a slight buzz on your next flight with the Carry On Cocktail Kit. Available on Uncommon Goods $24


 11. The Scratch Map

This beautiful little map is the perfect gift to share with your travel partner. You get to scratch off all of the places you’ve been together!  Available on Uncommon Goods $35


12. Dyer & Jenkins Raw Denim

A solid pair of blue jeans is ALWAYS a good gift idea. Available on Dyer & Jenkins $135


13. Dollar Shave Club Subscription

Fresh blades every month for a reasonable price. A thoughtful gift to help save some money on razors so you can travel more. Available at Dollar Shave $1


14. How To Shuck An Oyster

Kaufmann Mercantile’s book on mastering the simple tasks in life like shucking an oyster, splitting wood, and care for cast iron pans. Knowledge is power. Available at Kaufmann $24


15. BioLite Camp Stove

Your travel partner deserves the very best in camping cookware. Available at Biolite $129


16. Pure Fix Bike

Because how else would a modern nomad get around? Available at Pure Fix $499


17. Boulder Boot

A packable boot. Yes, you read that right. The Lems Boulder Boot rolls up and packs perfectly into your travel bag. Available at Huckberry $99



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