February 05 2016
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Josey Orr
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4 Easy Ways to Make More Time for Travel

Time is the most valuable resource we have, yet most people spend theirs trapped in the 9-5 cycle or doing things that aren't aligned with their goals. Here’s the inside scoop on how to create space in your life for travel, even when you’re a young professional who works a lot.

1. Imagine Yourself on Your Death Bed

Yes, it sounds morbid, but it’s really not. Envision yourself at the end of your life. You’re looking back on your journey and reliving moments from the past, do you feel satisfied? It’s important to look back and feel that you’ve lived and not merely existed. It’s crucial to feel satisfied in knowing that you threw yourself into life and experienced as much as it had to offer. The fear of a life not lived to the fullest is a healthy motivator!

2. Make a list

Yes, this simple little act can help you big time. Write down all of the places you want to see in the next five years both domestic and abroad. Be specific. What do you actually want to do? Do you want to see the sun set over The Coliseum in Rome? Do you want to surf in Hawaii? Do you want to fish in Jackson Hole Wyoming? Do you want to touch the Pyramids at Giza?

Figure out exactly what you want to do. Simply saying, “I want to travel” isn’t good enough. Make a list and tack it to your wall or keep it in your wallet. A daily reminder of boxes left unchecked will motivate you greatly.

3. Whirlwind Trip

Perfect the art of the whirlwind trip. Almost everyone has the weekends off. If you have a desire to travel you can take every weekend as an opportunity to do a quick trip. Chances are there are some easy trips you can make near your home to see some amazing stuff! It’s a common mistake to think that travel is limited to foreign lands while simultaneously ignoring the awesomeness in your own backyard!

Here’s a short list of easy trips I could do with my home base being LA.

  • Go to Joshua Tree for the weekend
  • Go to San Francisco for the weekend
  • Go to Big Sur for the weekend
  • Go to Yosemite for a long weekend
  • Visit Death Valley for the weekend
  • Check out Sequoia National Park

That list took me literally 45 seconds to write down.

If you sit around every weekend watching Netflix instead of checking boxes off your travel list, then shame on you. You’ve got nothing to complain about!

4. Take Inventory

Take an inventory of how you actually spend your time. If you want to travel more you have to have an understanding of how you’re actually spending your free time. Write out an hour by hour breakdown of how you spent your last weekend. Again, if you spend your nights and weekends getting blacked out at the bar or binge watching Netflix, maybe you should prioritize a bit. That being said, Making A Murderer was awesome and you should totally watch it if you haven’t already.

These should be your feet...



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