November 09 2015
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Vanessa Shukyi Wong
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4 Influential Instagram Accounts

The beauty of social media is that it can open your eyes to new perspectives.

1. An Ultramodern Perspective: @dailyoverview

This is not your average scenic photography. Benjamin Grant founded this educational environmental art project in 2013. Inspired by the Overview Effect, which is an experience that transforms astronauts’ perspective of earth when they see planet earth as one living organism beneath them. @dailyoverview compose satellite imagery that endues a feeling of awe and a profound understanding of the interconnection of all life. Through this daily dose of grand perspective, we gain a renewed sense of responsibility for a sustainable civilization to take care of the environment, and needless to say, an appreciation for our lively ecosystem; that when astronauts explore space, they have our earth to look back over their shoulders.Image Credit : @dailyoverview

Image Credit : @dailyoverview


2. A Heartening Naivete: @classicroberto

Sure, you can drop out of college and go on a road trip, but can you commit to a 5 year long bicycle trip around world like Roberto Ortiz? The 19-year-old founder of is determined to stir the world up and tell people that #GoOutsideGoodThingsWillHappen. Started his journey in Indiana, he had already biked across the country to Los Angeles, and gained a loyal base of Instragram followers along his way. Some are so inspired by his shared journey that 20 of them have decided to drop everything and join parts of his journey. First stop is Mexico, Roberto will be biking down south with his community of fearless youths on November 1st 2015. If you ever feel like you missed out on your nephew growing, this one is not to be missed.

 Image Credit : @classicroberto Image Credit : @classicroberto


3. A Rebellious Discovery: @jedidiahjenkins

Travel Writer Jedidah Jenkins gains recognition as a writer after his 14-month-long bike trip to Patagonia, but before that he was known as one of the leading members of The Invisible Children organization that created the viral campaign “Koni 2012”. His followers religiously follow his journey for daily inspiration, intelligence and wisdom. Complimenting each photograph is a journal entry that is nothing less than beautiful writing, insightful moments and sensible compassion. Jenkins’s Instagram account is the essence of a moment of epiphany and empathy, resembles the perfect moment where you underline in a book; the discovery of lost words.Image Credit : @jedidiahjenkins 


4. A Poetic Equation: @le_blanc

There are few artists that can remain true to their identities and artistry on this overly social Instagram platform. Sebastian Weiss is one of the even fewer artists that has remain true to his aesthetic, medium and self from the beginning of social media time. His minimalistic and geometric photos not only reveal his passion about concrete aesthetics but also further disclose beauty that can be found in city shapes. Through his weekly dose of Architectural Digest standard photos, we grasp his skills to free buildings from their spatial context and break it down to the essence of grandeur. 

Image Credit : @le_blanc 

Image Credit : @le_blanc



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