October 12 2015
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Ally Ferguson
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Top 8 Places To See When On The Road To Hana, Maui

Travel Destination: Maui 

1.Red sand beach


 One of the rarest beaches in the world with the bluest waters i've ever seen.

2. Highway Marker 18 WaterfallIMG_5261.jpg

My personal favorite stop on the road to Hana, kind-of reminds me of the PNW famous Multnomah Falls, but Hawaiian style.

3. Haleakala Scenic Route


This part of the drive was amazing. Stunning views of the Volcano Haleakala, and miles of open farm land. Pull over and take moment to soak it all in.

4. Three Bears Falls


The most intense flowing waterfall and largest on the famous Hawaiian highway, with constant rainfall throughout the year, Three Bears Falls is a must see.

5. Maliko Bay


With stormy conditions this bay is just jaw dropping. Consistent 10-footer aqua blue waves crashing against the black volcanic lava rocks is such a beautiful contrast, it just couldn't get any better.

6. Honomanu Bay


Honomanu bay is extremely rural. At this point you're driving on dirt roads with abandon shacks at every corner, but the beauty of this area is the isolated beaches in this bay and the deep dense rainforest all along the bay.


7. Wai’anapanapa State Park


Save this one to your bucket list. Wai’anapanapa is the closest state park to Hana and the most beautiful park i've seen in Maui. The park is overflowing with life, from the black sand beach to the towering cliffs covered in greenery.

8. Haleakala Summit


This scene was something out of a dream! waking up at 2am to guarantee your parking space on the summit, driving on winding roads to see the sunrise 11k feet high was the best part about visiting this place, and being able to see experience this magical moment was so rewarding.



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