October 06 2015
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Ally Ferguson
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How To Travel The U.S. For Under $500

In Europe you can buy a rail pass and go country to country with ease and that's how most American travelers experience Europe. Anyone who's ever been, but lives in America has to have asked themselves, "Why don't we have a train system like this?". 

Well, it turns out you can actually travel through the heartland of the USA without owning a car, if you'd like. This trip will cost you approximately $213 each way.

Here, we have to credit Derek Low who put together a brilliant way to see the United States by train. 

He broke his trip up into four legs: 


  • San Francisco to Salt Lake City
  • Salt Lake City to Denver
  • Denver to Chicago
  • Chicago to New York

  • Amtrak sells a pass with 8 legs for a total of $459, which would allow you to do this exact trip. However, you can do any 8 legs you'd like! It is America after all.  

    LifeHacker provides a good resource to help you plot a trip so that you can see the top cities and landmarks.

    If you leave now, like, right now. You can see amazing fall foliage on your trip! 



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