September 03 2015
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The Guys
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Shelter: Renovated Barn

Our Shelter series is all about the places we wish we could use our Shelter Spray in.

It seems like we've all had that goal of renovating a derelict barn and turning it into our dream home. In reality, it probably wouldn't work out as well as it did for Ryan Gosling in The Notebook, but we've dreamed of it nonetheless. Well, while you and I were dreaming away, the talented people over at MW Works Architecture+Design took action and renovated this old thing. 


The barn was built in the early 1900's and used for it's intended purpose for a long time thereafter. It's extremely difficult to renovate an old barn without losing the charm and aesthetic that make you want to renovate it in the first place, especially one that had been worked in for the better part of 100 years.

 As you can see, they've done the job perfectly. Better yet, a lot of the materials they used were either taken from nearby structures set for demolition, or repurposed from the barn itself. This eco-friendly act allows the barn to maintain the "lived in" feel apparent in these photos.

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