August 31 2015
Written By
Josey Orr
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The Couple Who Quit Their Jobs To Travel Ended Up Poor And Scrubbing Toilets. So, What?!

Today I saw this article shared many times across my news feed. The article is about a young couple from South Africa who quit their careers to travel the world. It seems that people think that because they ended up cleaning toilets and shoveling cow dung, they have somehow failed in their attempts to live a life outside the lines.

Reality Check: What this couple is experiencing right now is how millions of people across the globe live their lives day in and day out. This young couple is merely getting to experience what life is like for the average person in each country they have the opportunity to visit. To imply that this is a failure is ludicrous.

This is what traveling is! Traveling isn’t always about getting to stay in comfortable hotels, beautiful A-frames in the woods, or any level of comfort at all. The real adventure doesn’t even begin until something doesn’t go according to the way you planned for it. This couple has succeeded in traveling in a way that most people would never get to do, nor would most people have the guts to do.

The entire point of traveling is to get the opportunity to see the world through a different lens, to interact with people from different cultures, and to open your mind to the realities and beauty of the world.

The lessons these two people are learning, which I’m sure they’ll appreciate endlessly when their trip is over, are priceless. They are learning about the value of hard work, humility, gratitude, and perseverance. These are the things that make traveling worthwhile in the first place. It’s not about comfort and looking pretty on Instagram, it’s about gaining life experience, appreciating what you’ve got, and how absolutely beautiful it is when you get to go through it all with another person.

You won't see us scoff at them and say "we told you so!" we'll instead say "we're happy for you, you're so lucky to have this experience, even if you don't see that right now". 


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