April 22 2015
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Josey Orr
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Why We Should Unplug and Keep it Simple

Our Pathfinders series is a collection of guest posts from Adventurers all around the world. If you'd like to contribute, please send an email to Today's post is by our friend Matt Zoeteman.

The desire to explore and experience life in the confines of nature seems to be ever growing in popularity, especially with Millennials (for those unfamiliar with what aMillennial is, if you where born between the early 1980s ­ early 2000s, you fit into this demographic). Perhaps we (Millennials) are searching for simplicity in a world that seemingly continues to become more complex. The world has reached a point where technology, which was originally designed to make our life simpler, has made daily life more complicated and cluttered. We need simplicity.

Years ago, the purpose of a text message was to allow the user to respond to a message on their own time. Now if I don’t reply back to a text message within a half hour people get offended and think they are being ignored. We constantly live in a state of split focus that is exhausting. One of the reasons I personally enjoy being right smack in the middle of nowhere, is the fact that I don’t have cellular service and I can fully be present in the moment. Find a way to disconnect.

Life at its core is really simple, yet we find some twisted identity in being busy and telling everyone how busy we are just because being “lazy” is a social taboo. Life is a string of memories and experiences and in a certain respect, we attach a value to what an experience is worth. Looking back, most of my greatest experiences in life I didn’t pay a lot for, in fact ­ most of them were free and weren’t planned ­ they just happened.  As a culture we are used to getting everything we want. You want something you buy it from a store, you can’t find it at a store, you go and order it online. On the contrary, nature doesn’t always give you what you want, which oddly enough the unknown and spontaneity is kind of refreshing. I remember waking up at 4:00 AM one morning to catch a sunrise only to arrive at the location and get rained on. However, despite the rain and my initial disappointment, it ended up turning out to be one of the best days I could remember in a long time. Leave your expectations at the door.

In summary, keep some simplicity in your life, find a way to disconnect from your surroundings, make time for new discovery’s (doesn’t have to just be nature), and do things without expectations. Building your career and being driven is important, but don’t forget to go live your life and inspire others with your stories.



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