March 31 2015
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Josey Orr
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How to Snapchat Your Next Adventure

Snapchat is an emerging social network that is an opportunity for you to share your daily life and adventures. For those new to the app, here are some tips from Donna Vencino all about making the snap work for you!  
Step 1: Download Snapchat.
It’s free. It’s for iPhones and Androids (sorry blackberries). If you don’t have it
already, are you living under a rock? When I first got Snapchat, I didn’t really get into it. I heard all these things about people saying it was only used for sending dirty pics, and immediately deleted it. But now I think more people are using it to share their life with each other, and invite others into their stories. I love that I can share where I am and what I’m doing with my friends, and I can keep up with their adventures in real time.

Step 2: Have fun!
There’s no pressure to edit your videos or pictures with the coolest filters (#valencia). No one cares about your tones or composition or lighting. Embrace the imperfections- the unedited and unstable footage makes everything more interesting and raw. It’s all about the content. Be funny, be weird, be real, be you. Be authentic!

Step 3: Go on an adventure to somewhere epic!
Take your friends along! It’s always better with people, and Snapchat just invites more people on that adventure. I love that I can sit in my bed and see my friends’ adventures in Paris! Even though I am a thousand miles away, it feels like I’m right there, living the adventure with them.

Step 4: Timing is everything.
I don’t want to see a picture of your dog for ten seconds. Be smart about how
long you’re showing the snap for- how interesting or busy is this snap?
Sometimes it’s more fun sending quick snaps because it makes people more
intrigued, like they have to catch it before it goes away into Snapchat oblivion

Step 5: Know your tool belt.
Snapchat is constantly coming out with new updates and features. I’ve been
really into the geolocation overlays lately, it’s a little subtle feature that can keep
your snaps consistent and is unique to your location. Get creative with the text
and emojis, and remember you can magnify it by tapping the ‘T’.
PS- make sure all the cool features are activate in your settings (additional
services -> manage)

Step 6: Add me on Snapchat: @dvecino!
Remember: people want to know! No, people need to know! People want to see
authenticity- be you in your full weirdness and coolness. Go on adventures and
invite people into your story.
Donna Vecino
IG: @donnavecino
Snapchat: @dvecino


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