March 04 2015
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Josey Orr
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Pathfinders: The Importance of Short Trips

Our Pathfinders series is a collection of guest posts from Adventurers all around the world. If you'd like to contribute, please send an email to Today's post is by our friend John Thatcher.
The wild imagination of the human spirit took a hold of us and shook us awake, filling us with a longing for something. We were in need of adventure and we needed to get out of Los Angeles and find it before we found ourselves trampled by boredom. We set forth.
 The roads up the mountain were desolate and bursting with fog. Each turn filling our eyes with wonder and excitement. The cold, biting air let us know we were alive and left our lips chapped with exploit. The mountains seemed menacing and we could feel them breathing. It was everything we asked for. It was everything we needed. 
The soul cannot flourish within the everyday familiar. To find true happiness, a person needs to seek out emprise and make a home in its arms. Your souls needs adventure to grow and anything not growing is dead. Are you really alive?
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