March 05 2015
Written By
Nima Patel
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3 Epic Camping Recipes

A camping trip isn't complete without incredible food. We've collected some recipes that'll make you want to pack your bags and head out on your next trip tomorrow. 

1. Beer pancakes

This recipe literally only has two ingredients - beer and pancake mix. There's no way to mess it up! All you do is follow the instructions for a general pancake mix but instead of using water you use beer (a nice stout is recommended). Mix the pancake flour & beer together and let it sit four a couple of minutes. Afterwards scoop a small spoonful into a hot skillet & let it cook for a couple of minutes & flip. Full recipe here

2. Eggs in Jail

You'll need 6 ingredients for this seriously delicious recipe - eggs, bread, butter, salt and pepper. The recipe involves you taking two slides of bread and cut a small hole in the center of each. Put butter on a hot skillet and put the bread in the pan. Add additional butter in each hold and crack and egg into each. Add salt and pepper to each hole and cook until egg is done & bottom of bread is golden. Full recipe here.

3. Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast pizza in a skillet. That's a powerful statement and you're about to make one on your next camping trip. For this recipe, hashbrowns will act as your crust and the toppings will essentially be an egg casserole with any ingredients you want in it. Full recipe here


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