March 03 2015
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Josey Orr
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Pathfinders: Big Four Ice Caves

Our Pathfinders series is a collection of guest posts from Adventurers all around the world. If you'd like to contribute, please send an email to Today's post is by Eunice Lee.

I started hiking a couple years ago, and the first hike I did was the Big Four Ice Caves. A friend of mine told me about them, and I went soon after because though I had lived in Washington my entire life, I had never seen or heard of such a place. 

At that time, I was somewhat nervous about hiking. For many years, I was unable to walk properly due to problems in my legs and feet. In fact, it escalated to a point where I even had to drop out of my college classes for over a year. It was a dark period of time for me. My life came to a seemingly endless hold, and I felt like a failure. To think about walking in a forest in the middle of nowhere was not a thought that particularly appealed to me. 

When we arrived at the trail head, I took one slow step after the other, determined to see what lay ahead. Thankfully, the trail was a short one (about two miles roundtrip). As I breathed the crisp cool air of the surrounding trees and mountains, I realized how far I had come since the time I could not walk. Though it was a huge setback, it was not the end. There was still so much of my life still left to be lived. 

The ice caves left me in awe. Not only at the incredible sight of the ice clinging to the base of the mountain, but also because they had been here all this time, and I had never ventured out to see them. Since then, I have seen, and will continue to see, many beautiful places around the world. But the Big Four Ice Caves will always be one of my favorite places to visit.

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