February 18 2015
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Nima Patel
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The 3 Most Badass Things About Dave Cornthwaite

When he was 25 years old, Dave Cornthwaite quit his successful job as a graphic designer and since then he’s completed eleven epic adventures, broken five world records, written three bestselling books, and has raised thousands of dollars for charity.

If that’s not enough a mouthful already, here’s a couple more reasons this guy is completely badass.

1. 11 adventures is not enough - Dave’s goal is to complete 25.

Who said 11 was enough?

Dave’s known for his ambitious Expedition1000 project which is his goal to complete 25 epic adventures of 1,000 miles or more. Each adventure involves a new non-motorized sport. So far he’s skateboarded across Australia, ridden a whike across a desert in Chile, swam across the Missouri river (see video below), and much more.


2. Dave’s raising more than $1,500,000 for charity.

What makes these adventures even more incredible? He’s donating the money he raises to charity. After his friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, he felt compelled to do something and he made donations a key component of his adventures.

To date he’s raised thousands of dollars for this cause and continues to chip away at his impressive goal to raise over $1.5M total.

Dave stand up paddle boarding across the Mississippi River.Dave stand up paddle boarding across the Mississippi River. 

3. Dave had the balls to quit his well paying job.

In his own words, Dave mentioned he was a graphic designer and “horrible at it!”

“I chose my university degree because I just had to choose something. And then I turned 25 and realized that I did my job only because I earned some money, rather than because I enjoyed it.”

And so Dave did what many of us have thought about so many times - quit his job to pursue whatever the hell he feels like. He’s said “My way of thinking is simple: Life is just too important to let it pass by.”

In 2005, he put in his 2 weeks and set the standard for how to live an epic life. Beyond completing his adventures, Dave’s written three books and continues to inspire folks to embrace his philosophy

Dave and his friends riding a whike across the Atacama desert in Chile.


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