February 05 2015
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Josey Orr
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26 U.S. Coffee Shops to Visit Before You Die

If you like coffee, you should head to one of these places before you die.

1. Monorail Coffee, Seattle

2. Lemonjello's Coffee, Holland, Michigan. 

3. Spyhouse Coffee Roasters, Minneapolis. 

4. Lamplighter Roasting Company, Richmond, Virginia

5. Brewed, Fort Worth, Texas

6. Safehouse Coffee Roasters, Griffin, Georgia7. Coco Cinnamon, Durham, North Carolina8. Ipsento Coffee, Chicago

9. Stone Creek Coffee Roasters, Milwaukee

10. Quay Coffee, Kansas City, Missouri

11. Sunergos Coffee, Louisville, Kentucky

12. Coastal Roasters, Tiverton, Rhode Island

13. Rook Coffee Roasters, Monmouth County, New Jersey

14. Rise Up Coffee Roasters, Easton, Maryland15. JC Beans, Dana Point, California16. Steam Espresso Bar, Denver

17. Case Study Coffee Roasters, Portland, Oregon18. South Street Cafe & Bakery, Bennington, Vermont19. Barista Parlor, Nashville20. Bold Bean Coffee Roasters, Jacksonville, Florida21. Morning Glass Coffee & Cafe, Honolulu, Hawaii

22. Joe Bean Coffee Roasters, Rochester, New York23. Verve Coffee Roasters, Santa Cruz, California224. Smoky Row Coffee, Des Moines 25. Stumptown Coffee, Los Angeles


26. Philz Coffee, San Francisco 


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