January 08 2015
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Josey Orr
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How To Forge Your Own Path in Life

This is a guest post by Scott Bakken. Scott is an excellent photographer, adventurer, and member of Socality.

I have been alive for exactly 13, 512 days at the time of writing this ( Jan 7, 2015).  Every day has presented a learning opportunity for me, where I can discover something about myself, others or the world around me. I certainly don't have it all figured out and am constantly having many conversations along the way.

However, one thing I have certainly for sure on is that life is really what you make it. The idea that we can actually forge our own path or even create the life we want to live is a truth that I accept. While I do believe there is a God that has a will for our lives, life is a result of the decisions we make today that builds and shapes our tomorrow. The faith you have helps you make choices accordingly.

I have never really been a conventional person and not great at always following the rules and expectations that have been put on me. Sometimes I think people follow these expectations because they are too nervous or afraid to try anything new. We know that there is always risk when you don't follow the pattern. To me that risk is that you might create or come up with something completely out of the box and I find that very well worth it.

You look at anyone who has created something significant and it has never come easy. I would love to pick the brain of Alexander Graham Bell, Steve Jobs or Martin Luther King Jr. I am sure they would tell stories that included sacrifice, commitment, hard work and most of all, people misunderstanding of you. You won't fit into the norm and you have to be ok with that. For years, when someone asks me what I do and I answer they always have this really confused looked on their face. I take this as a sign that I am moving in the right direction.

Forging your own path doesn't mean that you are reckless by any means. You still need to move forward with the right principles and attitudes. However, it does mean that you may not have any footsteps to follow in because you are literally creating a new path. There will however, be somethings that can help you move forward in the right direction along your adventurous journey.

Here are 4 quick tips on what you might need along the path as you forge away!

1. Ask lots of questions- Learn from the mistakes and wisdom of others. Always be asking to learn how you can do things better. Certainly learn from your own mistakes, but if you can avoid disaster by simply asking this is best to do.

2. Be observant- always be aware of the climate and atmosphere around you. What are people saying and doing and how can what you are working on meet a need? There is no sense fighting for something that nobody really cares about or is even asking for.

3. Stay humble- It is important to surround yourself with great friends but always those who can tell you like it really is. Don't wait for people to ask you how you are doing, ask them how YOU are doing. Get feedback and advice from those who truly care for you and be ready for them not to sing your praises.

4. Have mentors- Ask people who are more seasoned than you to help you. Find someone that you can meet with every now and then and pick their brain on ideas and thoughts you may have on ideas and concepts.

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