January 05 2015
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Josey Orr
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Hydrospeeding: The Sport You Can't Do

There are only a few men in the world who have the knowledge and skills to Hydrospeed. 


There are quite a few action sports that can be done on a board. Have you ever even heard of Hydrospeeding?

You probably haven't. That's because its extremely dangerous and only a few people in the world can do it safely. When they embark on their journey they are up against swift currents, potential ice collapses, and hidden ice crevices that could potentially trap them.

Now, it's time to introduce mountain guide Claude-Alain Gailland and mountaineer Gilles Janin. These two men were willing to face danger for the ultimate rush. They managed to hyrdospeed through seven-miles of the Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland.  

David Carlier, an adventurer in his own right, spent five hours photographing them as they traversed the largest glacier in the Alps. 

Photos: David Carlier/Caters News & Grind TV

Story: Adventure Journal 

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