December 11 2014
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Josey Orr
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The Great 59: Part 16 - Denali National Park

The Great 59 is a series on America’s National Park Service.

Denali National Park

State: Alaska

Created: October 31st, 1994

Size: 6,000,000 Acres

Denali national park is the perfect combination of beauty and wilderness that we all search for when looking for adventure. Located in central-Alaska, the humongous park is bisected by a single road that stretches for 92 magnificent miles. As you travel down the road, you’ll see amazing views of the surrounding forests, wildlife, America’s highest point; Mt. McKinley.

There are so many opportunities here for both relaxing and adventuring, that many people view Denali as the greatest of America’s National Parks. It’s pretty hard to make an argument against it being so, but at least we can all agree that no bucket list is complete without it.

What To Do:

Hike – Duh. The hiking is amazing here. There are both marked and unmarked trails all over the place. The marked trails usually start near the visitor center or other places of interest like campsites, but we all know its more fun to forge your own path and have an adventure. Just make sure that you travel in a group and pack the necessary supplies in case you get lost.

Backcountry Camp – There quite a few places that you can camp here, but the amount of visitors allowed into the sites has a daily limit. Be sure to check in at the visitor center about availability

Flight Seeing – One of the more unique aspects of Denali is that you can pay to see it by plane. Can you imagine the views from the small plane window and the excitement you’d feel to be above it all?

Snowmobile - There are some places in the park, if the snow is sufficient enough to prevent damage to the ground, which you are allowed to go snowmobiling on.

Photography & Wildlife – Not only are the surroundings vast and magnificent, but there are plenty of animals that call Denali home as well.

Climb Mt. McKinley – Of course, if you are skilled enough you can attempt to climb the great beast that is Mt. McKinley.

Places Of Interest:

Mt. McKinley – The tallest point in America is obviously the crown jewel of the park. You can take pictures of it, stare at it, or try to climb it. It’s really up to you and how you want to experience its greatness.

Wonder Lake – It’s a hike, but worth it. You’ll need to take a shuttle bus for about 12 hours to reach the place, but when you get there you’ll realize exactly why you came.

Aurora Borealis – You can see Aurora Borealis aka The Northern Lights from the park. Its magnificent in the night sky especially during the winter time.

The park is open all year long. You’ll be able to find beauty in every season, but make sure you plan it out before you go because the park is gigantic.


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