December 10 2014
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Paul Jaworski
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The 5 Best Adventures in Montana

A shortlist of the best adventures in the Big Sky State.

1. Hike the Bob Marshall

Located on both sides of the Continental Divide, in Northwestern Montana, this huge expanse contains three areas of Wilderness: the Great Bear, the Scapegoat, and the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Combined, the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex is a tad more than 1.5-million acres. The Bob Marshal is the definition of Wilderness. Bears, Mountain Lions, Wolves, Deer, and elk all call this place home. There are over 1700 miles worth of trail throughout the complex that are suitable for people of all skill types. Warning: Keep your wits about you as you’re a guest in the home of many wild animals.


2. Climb Granite Peak

This one isn’t for people who would fall under the category of “Novice Hiker”. Granite Peak is located in the Northern Rockies and is Montana’s highest point; it’s also one of the toughest high points in the United States. For the experienced, a day hike is possible, but most people camp out overnight at one of the scenic overlooks. It’s a 10-12 mile, 6300ft hike, followed by class 3 and 4 rock climbing. Photo by Tim at Summit Post


3. Ice Climb Hyalite Canyon

This one is also not for novices. The beautiful waterfalls here turn to ice in the winter and create the perfect place to swing your pick. It has served as a proving ground for some of the best ice climbers in the world, but you can also get lessons here if you are an aspiring ice climber. Check out Mt. Alpine for more info.


4. Fly Fish Paradise Valley

They say that the first year of learning to fly fish consists of one thing, learning how to untangle your line. That being said, if you have it down, attempt the spring creeks of Montana’s Paradise Valley. You’ll feel like you are in the movie A River Runs Through It. Which, by the way, we highly recommend seeing.


5. Backpack Glacier National Park

This is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. If you get the opportunity to backpack and camp here, you should take it. The snowcapped mountains, Going to the Sun Road, and glacial lakes are so grandiose that you’ll appreciate the power of Mother Nature and your own insignificance in the universe.


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