November 18 2014
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Paul Jaworski
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The 4 Best Adventures in Washington

A shortlist of the best adventures you can have in The Evergreen State.

1. Visit Olympic National Park

If there is one place that truly encompasses the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, it's Olympic National Park. This place is straight up magical and contains the best attributes one could hope for in a National Park. You can experience mountains, meadows, the pacific coast, and some of the oldest forests all in one trip. The best way to see this place is on foot with a camera in your hand and each season offers its own beautiful perspectives. 

2. Climb Mt. Rainier 

Basically, every big name in the climbing world has tackled this thing. It's not the tallest mountain in the Lower 48, but it is unrelenting and it's not an easy feat. You'll need a climbing permit and some experience to summit. If you don't have the experience you can still enjoy spectacular views of Mt. Rainier from it's namesake National Park, which offers plenty to do in it's own right. 

3. Hike Glacier Peak

Glacier Peak is one of five composite volcanoes located in the state of Washington. It's also the most remote and overlooked of the five. It's about 4,000 feet shorter than Mt. Rainier and it's located around 70 miles northeast of Seattle. What this volcano lacks in height it makes up for in wilderness appeal. Most of the access roads have been completely wiped out so the hike to the base of this thing is an adventure of it's own. Once your in, it's a four day backpacking loop around the peak. 

4. Sea Kayak The San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands are truly some of the best islands in the entire world. They are located only about an hour from mainland Washington, by ferry of course. The San Juan's are comprised of about 171 islands that offer endless opportunities for adventure. Sea Kayaking here is one of the best things you can do. First, because its a beautiful place. Second, because you can see tons of wildlife. Whales, Bald Eagles, and Porpoises are on the top of the list, but there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of animals that call this place home. 

Photo Credits: National Park Service


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