November 06 2014
Written By
Josey Orr
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Outpost: Finland

It's doubtful that our readers would actually ever live in this place. Don't get us wrong - it's beautiful, but its about 350 miles away from the Arctic Circle. In order to live here you'd have to make a lot of sacrifices and also face the elements all year long. The summers here get a ton of sun and the winters are equally brutal, but at least it isn't haunted or anything. 

The actual design of this place is really rad though. Other than it's aesthetics, this place has some cool technical design features. All of the patios and porches are placed strategically so that during the summer months you won't have the sun beating down on you and making you miserable. There is also a beautiful fire place that provides warmth throughout the whole house during the winter.

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Photos By: Tuomas Uusheimo


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