November 04 2014
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Josey Orr
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The Great 59 - Part 1: Acadia National Park

The Great 59 is a spotlight of the American National Park Service

Acadia National Park

State: Maine

Created: February 26, 1919

Size: 49,600

The state of Maine is sometimes called “vacationland” and Acadia is the reason why. This mesmerizing park is mostly on Mount Desert Island and receives about 2.5 Million visitors every year. Even the President and his family have visited.


Although this is one of America’s smallest national parks, there is still going to be plenty to do and see. The coastlines, forests, and mountaintops are easy to access and offer stunning views. 

What To Do: 

Hiking – There are 125 miles of trail to be hiked in Acadia. Just make sure to check for seasonal or temporary trail closures before you go.

Climbing – If you are into climbing you can check out the rock faces and you can also go sea cliff climbing at Otter Cliffs and Great Head if you are a little more experienced.

Sea Kayaking – There are some guided sea kayak tours you can take along the western coast of Desert Island.

Road Tours – There are also about 45mi of road tours you can walk, bike, or even take a course and carriage to see.


Places of Interest:

Cadillac Mountain – The tallest point of the north Atlantic seaboard. You can actually drive to the top of the 1,532 foot mountain to take in the amazing views.

Sand Beach – Most of the shorelines in Maine are rocky, so a sandy beach is actually pretty rare. The water is pretty cold all year round, reaching only 53 degrees in the height of summer.

Bar Harbor – Also known has Bah Hahbah ( Insert terrible imitation of a New England accent) this is a wonderful little town with shops, bars, and restaurants within Acadia. You can stay here in a hotel or you can stay at one of the two campsites available in the park.

The best time of year to go to Acadia is in the Fall. The foliage is phenomenal and the weather is crisp and cool. You'll definitely need to layer up with some great fall clothing, but it will be worth it. We promise.  

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Photo Credit - Greg Hartford


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