November 03 2014
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Paul Jaworski
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The Best Way To Book Camping Trips

We live in a world that is incredibly connected and fast pace. As we’ve said before on this blog, it’s important to get outdoors and unplug as often as possible. Getting outdoors, for some of us, is easier said than done. It often takes a lot of planning for a simple weekend trip. 

This is where Hipcamp comes into the picture.

“Hipcamp is the first comprehensive search platform for campsites, letting users search based on amenities (like picnic tables, running water, R.V. hookup, etc), features (caves, oceans, lakes) and activities (biking, surfing, boating).” – T.C.

As it currently stands, Hipcamp is only available in California. The company plans to meet demand in Texas and New York very soon, but they have met one roadblock with the Federal Government.  

Right now, the Feds have an exclusive contract with a single company for all camping bookings in the United States. The contract is set to expire pretty soon and companies like Hipcamp will be able to make a push to make bookings open to multiple companies.

You can request Hipcamp to come to your state by heading over to their website here:


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