August 07 2014
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Paul Jaworski
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Outpost: Sunshine Canyon, CO

The Sunshine Canyon home was created after the Fourmile Canyon Fire of 2010. The owners lost their home in that fire and wanted to rebuild near where their original home was. They ended up choosing a spot right in the middle of where the fire decimated the landscape. Due to this choice, a beautiful home now stands in stark contrast to its eerily burned surroundings.

"Following a long period of intensive mining exploration, the new site sat untouched for years prior to the fire. Abandoned mine shafts, rusted steel mining structures and car tracks, and mounds of mine tailings are scattered near the site. Directly below the home site lies a test pit for a mine that was never completed. Until the fire, these remnants were increasingly faint. The fire exposed this rich history as well as the sculptural granite that forms the site." - The Architect

"The home responds to this dramatic site through a simple form – juxtaposed to the landscape while inspired by the fragmented granite boulders and mining equipment. A simple bar hovers above the slope, angled at the ends to address distant views and accept entry from the road, and shifted to allow views and movement through a breezeway at one end. The form is supported on slender steel columns and simple concrete shear walls, minimizing the impact of construction on the site while allowing the slope to flow under the house without interruption. In this way, the house preserves the landscape as it was found and intensifies the reading of the slope – allowing the mine pit and the boulders along the ridgeline to remain untouched." - The Architect

via THA Architecture and photos by Jeremy Bittermann


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