July 16 2014
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Josey Orr
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The 11 Best Road Trips in The USA

Summer road trips are truly the greatest of all our American pastimes. The vast landscapes, beautiful ocean views, gigantic mountain ranges, and regal lakes of the United States are something worth seeing. People travel from all corners of the earth to see America's beauty, yet many of us take it for granted and don't even explore our own backyards! That said, the planning of a road trip can be a strenuous task - so we've attempted to make it a little easier by providing you with a map that plots out the best road trips in the land of liberty. 



Here are some things you can see along each trip:


1. Pacific Coast


2. Balanced Rock, ID


3. The Alamo, TX


4. Beale Street, TN


5. McAfee's Knob, Appalachia 


6. Francis Marion National Forest, SC


7. Glacier National Park, MT


8. Chimney Rock, NE


9. The Loneliest Road, NV (US - 50)


10. The Grandest Little City, Savannah, GA


11. It's Route 66. Just Go. 

America sure is somethin' ain't she? 


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