July 07 2014
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Paul Jaworski
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Expressing Gratitude

Today, instead of our typical blog post, we want to express our gratitude for you. To all of our supporters, customers, followers, and readers – thank you. We wouldn’t have this opportunity if it weren’t for your contributions. You’ve allowed the Dyer and Jenkins team to pursue our dream of creating a company that manufactures in the USA and you’ve allowed us to create a something that we love to work at every day. This is priceless.

We have made mistakes and we thank you for your patience. Like you, we are humans and we are fallible. We’ve messed up a few times and we haven’t been perfect. When we do make mistakes, we want to correct them immediately and we thank you for allowing us the opportunities to do that. If you have been let down in any way – please just email us and we will do our absolute best to make it right. We aren’t a faceless corporation and we are here to listen to and interact with you.

To those who’ve purchased our goods and taken the time afterward to tell us how much you love them… we can’t tell you how much that has helped us. It makes our day when we hear positive reinforcement from you. It helps us to move forward when business life throws us curveballs.  It validates our sense of purpose when you show your appreciation. Thank you.

To those who haven’t had the opportunity to buy – we thank you as well. You have followed us on social media, shared, commented and interacted with us. You have emailed to tell us how much you love our blog posts. Know this, when you take those tiny little actions to let us know our work is good – we hear you. You have all helped to inspire us to keep moving forward despite setbacks, to keep doing the right thing, and to improve our operations.

Most of all we are just so incredibly grateful for the opportunities you have given us. Without you we wouldn’t exist and we exist to serve your needs. If there is anything we can do better – please let us know!

Thank you so much everyone and cheers to a wonderful future!


- Josey, Paul, Max, & Nima


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