April 07 2014
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Josey Orr
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American-Made Bikes

It's been a while since our last blog post. We've been trying to come up with ways to refocus the D&J journal on the things that matter most to us as a company. As you probably already know, we have a great appreciation for all things Made in USA. Our biggest goal as a company is to create some jobs in America. One of the ways we feel we can do this is to shine a light on people all over the country who are doing the same thing. So, from this point forward expect to see a lot more on the journal about other American-Made brands that we respect. 

Today, we want to tell you about a small bicycle manufacturer based out of Portland, Oregon. The company is called Ahearne.

Joseph Ahearne began building bikes a few years back and has since earned respect from a few cyclists we know. Ahearne borrows traditional methods of design and construction, adding to it his own personal take on what it means to make a great bike. However, the most important aspect of this company lies not in construction, but in the passion behind the maker. 

"Bicycles, to me, represent all that is good and fun and creative in humans. Bikes are healthy and meditative and useful, and they bring out the best of people's personalities. They help build community and promote environmental awareness, and they can help people explore the world around them in a way that is interactive and participatory. Bicycles make people smile." - Joseph Ahearne. 

 His statement alone inspires us and compels us to share his story. We love and respect the passion that this man puts into every bike he creates. It's important to us to spread the word about people like Joseph. We believe that if we can share the stories of people all over the country who are making their goods on shore that it is possible through both advocacy and industry to create jobs here. 

You can check out Ahearne's website here. Take a little time and do your part to create jobs in the USA. 


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