February 27 2014
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Josey Orr
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American Ghost Town

Bodie, California. 

There are actually quite a few ghosts towns in America, but not all of them are as unique as this one. Initially, Bodie was a mining camp named after the man who discovered gold there; W.S. Bodey. Supposedly, an illiterate sign painter spelled his name wrong and thats why the town is spelled Bod-i-e and not Bod-e-y. It didn't matter how it was spelled anyway because in an unfortunate turn of events, Mr. Bodey lost his life in a blizzard before he could ever profit from his find. Future settlers probably should've taken his bizarre death as a sign of things to come. 

After a few years of digging around, the Standard Company finally did hit pay dirt in Bodie. A boom ensued and the town grew dramatically. By 1880, the town had 2,000 buildings and almost 7,000 residents. Newspapers claimed it would become the next Comstock Lode.

At its peak, the town had sixty-five saloons, four volunteer fire companies, a few newspapers, a bank, and a jail. Bodie had a nice run of about 40 years before a steep decline began due to the lure of potential mining opportunities elsewhere in the western United States. In 1920, there was only 120 people left in the entire town. 

Folklore says that Bodie has its very own curse and his haunted by ghosts. Supposedly, if anyone takes any artifacts from the remains of the town, they will be met with a string of bad luck until the item is returned. A few ghost sightings have also been reported. Whether these stories are true or not - Bodie is a damn interesting place. 

Information on visiting Bodie can be found here.


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