February 03 2014
Written By
Paul Jaworski
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Corny Bus Stop Ads Get a Facelift in "Faces of Real Estate"

A fella by the name of Phil Jones decided he would use his design skills to have some fun with those corny bench ads you see at bus stops. He went above and beyond the average drawn-on mustache and did this:

It took him a month to recreate all of these ads and it was totally worth it. 


After he got the art all ready to go he went out and put his work over top of the original ads. 

Who wore it better?

Jones works at an advertising agency, I wonder if they were happy with him after this maneuver. Unfortunately, the phony ads were taken down shortly after he put them up. The most important thing is that he got pictures first and thats the big take away here; Pics or it didn't happen.   


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