January 31 2014
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Josey Orr
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Denim: A State Of The Union


In Honor of the State of The Union Address this week, we thought we would write one on Denim.

There is no item of clothing that is more perfectly aligned with American culture than blue jeans. Everyone wears them and to each person it represents something different and some different sort of subculture. The president wears them, your parents wear them, blue collar workers wear them, punks wear them, you wear them. There is no fabric that is more democratic and everlasting than denim. 

"Unique among fabrics, it occupies four dimensions: the warp and the weft are clearly distinguished, likewise the front and back. Yet thanks to a molecular quirk of the indigo that colors it, denim moves in the dimension of time. A pair of well worn jeans tells the story of its owner..."  - Graham Marsh 

In the early days, they weren't called jeans; they were called Waist Overalls. They also weren't worn as a fashion statement, but as durable workwear for miners and other blue collar folk.That all changed in the 1950’s when guys like James Dean and Marlon Brando wore them on and off screen. Now, everyone wears jeans, from cowboys to catwalks. What was once a strong symbol of rebellion and counterculture is now one of the most commonly worn items of clothing.

A Few Things To Know:

  • Today, most jeans are sold pre-washed or pre-distressed. In most cases these jeans are made cheaply overseas. They are the symbol of the mainstream.

  • However, there are still some purists who don’t care much for the commonplace, and they wear raw denim.

  • Raw Denim, once again, has become the best way to individualize a pair of Jeans. They are far more personal than your average pair because you break them in, not the manufacturer. What we do is sell you a blank canvas. You are the artist.



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