January 23 2014
Written By
Josey Orr
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America's Oldest Brewery Makes Ice Cream Again

Its fair to say that most people, especially those who live west of the Mississippi River, have never even heard of America's oldest brewery. Yuengling is based in the coal cracking town of Pottsville, Pennsylvania. They've been making beer there for 185 years. During prohibition, the company began to make near-beers and ice cream so that they could stay in operation. Now, they are making ice cream again. 


Here is their badass logo. 

Some dogs havin' a Ying

Oh, its pronounced like this: " Ying-Ling " and if you're interested in having one to drink you can find it only in these states. 

First there was just yuengs. 

Then there was Yuengs and Wings night at the local dive bar. 

Now, there's fucking ice cream again. 

What a great company!  



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