January 22 2014
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Josey Orr
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This Cabin Is Pretty Awesome. You'd Never Guess Why.

An architect by the name of Mattias Lind has created one of the most unique cabins you’ll ever see. The cabin is made completely out of paper. The cabin was created for a cool little paper company founded almost 100 years ago called Göteborgstryckeriet. To see the best thing about this cabin, just scroll through the pictures. 

The Cabin is a 75-square-foot, nearly 10-foot-high, 220-pound thing of beauty.

It can be stretched out several hundred feet. 

Depending on what angle you are looking at it from, the mini house can change color. 

Don't forget about the interior. 

Although I couldn't live in this thing, I definitely wouldn't mind working in it. 


To see more of about this company check out their site here. 

Found by Viral Nova

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