January 21 2014
Written By
Paul Jaworski
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What is Raw Denim?

Here are three common questions we receive about Raw Denim. We turned the answers into a brief intro.

I’m New to Raw Denim - What Is It?

Good question. Basically, it’s any Denim that has had no treatment or washing done to it after its initial indigo dying process. There is no pre-fading or distressing done to the denim. Historically, Raw Denim was dyed with indigo because the dark blue color helped to conceal dirt carried by the workers who wore it. So, all of the original jeans were raw.

Why Would I Want Raw Denim?

Why wouldn’t you? Raw Denim is perfect for any guy who lives in jeans. Because it is in its original form, it fades over time to your body and your lifestyle. There is no item of clothing more personal than a broken in pair of raw denim. It tells your story.

Is Raw Denim Better?

We think so. Although the initial cost of American Made Raw Denim is higher than the cheap alternative, made overseas by people who work in conditions that are questionable at best, they will most likely last longer. So, over time, the jeans end up paying for themselves. It’s a solid investment.


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