April 04 2016
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Ally Ferguson
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How We Travel: Sam David Smith

We sit down with our favorite adventurers and they tell us how they do it.

Name: Sam David Smith

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Gig: Photographer

Insta: @samdavidsmith

What’s the best travel advice you have?

Always remember to pack your SD cards, ha! But seriously, I would say that itinerary building is major. Two or three people, at minimum, should be apart of the preparation for a trip. Being well prepared creates freedom for spontaneity, but spontaneous travel will often leave you feeling like you didn't get the most out of it

What are your favorite places you’ve ever visited? Why?

For photography, that would be the South Island of New Zealand. It's hard to beat. Travelling in New Zealand is very easy as well, so that makes a difference. Other then that, surfing in Indonesia is insane!

What are the best lessons you’ve learned from traveling?

Don't get too caught up on getting the right shot, that you miss out on the experience. People make travelling awesome; the ones you travel with, and the ones you meet, the photos are a bonus.

What gear can you not travel without?

I can't travel without my camera, tent, coffee, surfboard, and jam sandwiches

What do you shoot with?

Canon 6D. 17-40 for landscapes and 50 for portraits:

Fill in the blank: I’d love to see ________ before I die

The Northern Lights


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