April 04 2016
Written By
Josey Orr
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One More Thing: The Spirit Of Adventure

One More Thing is a short daily reading to get you thinking.

There's so much to do and see on this beautiful little planet we call home. Yet, we spend a lot of our time completely stationary. At times, we don't move at all, even though the thought of new adventures fills us with joy and excitement.

Are we really living free? Are we taking advantage of the opportunities that surround us?

We've had conversations with people who are stuck. They want to express their creativity, color outside the lines, and above all they crave the sprit of adventure. They see it all around them, but they don't participate.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to get too comfortable. We know we want more out of life, but we've become unwilling to get off our own little perch and explore our options. We allow our fear of the unknown and reliance on the status quo to overwhelm our spirit of adventure, but we don't have to. Once the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing, we can take action. So, let's not wait any longer.

Tip Of The Day: If you're feeling stuck, it's time to take action. We've all been there, but those of us who are on the other side of it made the difficult changes necessary to break out of the norm. What can you do today to allow a little more room for the spirit of adventure in your life?


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