March 28 2016
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Josey Orr
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How We Travel: Emily Thomas

We sit down with our favorite adventurers and they tell us how they do it.

Name: Emily Thomas

Location: Everywhere

Gig: Jill Of All Trades

Instagram: @emitoms1


What’s the best travel advice you have?

I would say the best travel advice I have is to go with a plan, but don't be too structured. As a photographer, there will be certain places you want to see at specific times of the day, and you will want to make sure you have all of those places mapped out. But, you also want to be spontaneous. The locals usually know all of the hidden gems, and it's important to immerse yourself in the culture of the place you are visiting. So much can be learned through travel and experiencing how people live differently ( or the same ) in other parts of the world. Travel is the only thing that you will spend money on that will make you richer as a result--rich in experience & understanding of the world around you.

What are your favorite places you’ve ever visited? Why?

My favorite place I've ever visited is probably Alberta, Canada. The Canadian Rockies are something else. I also really enjoyed Thailand and different countries in Central and Latin America. Not only do I love the food, but I love their way of life. Everyone is pretty laid back, but they put community first. Something I really enjoyed about Latin American culture.

What are the best lessons you’ve learned from traveling?

The best lesson I've learned while traveling is that you are always a newbie in life no matter where you go. There will always be new people to meet, new languages to learn, new cultures to explore ect. that travel will permenently enhance your life in the most positive way possible. Travel never fails to make me realize how many things I don't actually know, and how big the world can be.

What gear can you not travel without?

This is a tough one ! I feel like my list could potentially be very long. However, I do have a couple of essentials. I never travel without my phone, Canon 5D Markiii, 24-70mm lens, and portable chargers. There's nothing worse than wanting to share a moment with the world and having your camera die on you.

What do you shoot with?

Canon 5D Markiii and Nikon D750

Fill in the blank: I’d love to see ________ before I die

Norway, Iceland, New Zealand, Nepal and Italy


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