March 23 2016
Written By
Paul Jaworski
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The Weekly Playlist Vol. 10: Crissy Field

Last weekend, our travels took us up to the beautiful city of San Francisco. Now, I've been to SF quite a bit, but one thing I had never done was bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. Sounds pretty cool, right? Wrong.

Many travel guides will tell you what to do in a place. This isn't a travel guide, but I'm here to tell you not to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. What sounds like it would be a fun, active thing to do "off the beaten path" is actually one of the most touristy, stressful ways you can waste a few hours in a city as amazing as San Francisco.

I do recommend biking to the bridge, though, for awesome views like the one above.

Anyway, here's a playlist I made. If you love it, follow it on Spotify! If you hate it, follow it on Spotify anyway to make me feel good!



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